100wc 20th July Jeremy

Hello everybody, Bob is back!! Sorry about the long break. This time Bob is going to a football match. His friend Sam calls it soccer but that is because he is Australian. As you don’t know, Bob has vertigo. Basically, Bob went to the London eye with his friend Sam and he dropped his phone by accident at the top so now he says he has vertigo. So back to the football match. Everywhere was very loud but then it began and the stadium was quiet. Come back next time for the 2nd part of the story. Bye bye guys!!

100wc 11th July Jeremy

A new start. What is that? OH I know what it is. It’s someone starting again! Wait, no, it’s a start that’s new. OK. I know what a new start is. It is someone starting again. But who is starting what? Let’s start with who is starting again. Who should it be? A man called Mark? A woman called Ella? OH I know. A person called Bobby McJeffrey! Now what is Bobby starting? Oh I know. He can start a new school year just like me! He thinks he will love it but I’m not so sure. We’ll see. BYE!